Young Sheldon Review : Genius Boy OR Annoying Brat?

Young Sheldon: A Review

A review of the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon, which is a prequel to the hit show The Big Bang Theory. The show follows the life of Sheldon Cooper as a young boy growing up in Texas.

A Nine-Year-Old Genius  

Young Sheldon is a nine-year-old genius who is far ahead of his classmates. He is constantly correcting his teachers and showing off his knowledge. He is also very interested in science and physics.

The Perfect Son?

Sheldon's mother, Mary, is a devout Christian who is struggling to raise her gifted son. She loves Sheldon very much, but she often finds him frustrating. She also has to deal with the other members of her family, who are not as smart as Sheldon.

High School Hell  

Young Sheldon starts high school, and it is not easy for him. He is surrounded by students who are much older and more mature than he is. He is also constantly being bullied by his classmates.

A Geek in Disguise

Young Sheldon is a geek, but he tries to hide it. He wants to fit in with the other kids, but it is not easy for him. He often makes social blunders and says things that he does not mean.

The Big Bang Theory Connection

Young Sheldon is narrated by Jim Parsons, who also plays Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. This gives the show a sense of continuity and familiarity. It also allows Parsons to provide some insight into Sheldon's character.

A Nostalgic Feel

Young Sheldon has a nostalgic feel that will appeal to fans of 1980s sitcoms. The show is set in a small town in Texas, and it features a lot of period-specific detail. The soundtrack also features a lot of 1980s music.

Is It Funny?

Young Sheldon is a comedy, but it is not as funny as The Big Bang Theory. The humor is more subtle and relies on Sheldon's awkwardness and social blunders. The show also has a lot of heart, and it is often touching to see Sheldon's struggles.

Could Do Better  

Young Sheldon is a good show, but it could be better. The humor is not as consistent as it is on The Big Bang Theory, and the show does not yet have its own identity. However, it is still early in the series, and there is potential for improvement.

The Verdict 

Young Sheldon is a charming and heartwarming show that is sure to please fans of The Big Bang Theory. The show is not perfect, but it is still worth watching. It will be interesting to see how Sheldon develops over the course of the series.

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