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Who Joined Akshay in Welcome to the jungle

Bollywood's Big Jungle Comedy! 

Get ready for a super funny movie called 'Welcome to the Jungle' in Bollywood. It's packed with laughter and adventure as top actors unite for a wild ride in the jungle. Let's dive into the jungle comedy 

Akshay Kumar Leads the Fun! 

Akshay Kumar, a famous actor, is the main star. He's joined by other great actors like Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi. They're all set to tickle your funny bone in this hilarious jungle escapade. 

Cool Announcement Video! 

There's a video that tells us about the movie. It's exciting and lasts for 3 minutes. In this video, you'll get a sneak peek at the crazy characters and the jungle setting, which adds to the thrill. 

Funny Actors in the Movie! 

Lots of famous funny actors are in the movie, like Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever. They're all bringing their unique humor to make this movie a laugh riot."  the actors' funny faces.

Awesome Actresses Too! 

There are four amazing actresses in the movie who make it even better. Raveena Tandon, Jacqueline Fernandes, Lara Dutta, and Disha Patani are here to charm and entertain. 

Music and Dancing Surprise! 

The video starts with singing and turns into dancing. It's a fun surprise! Daler Mehndi and Mika Singh join in with their hit songs, adding to the entertainment. 

Akshay & Raveena's Fun Moment! 

Akshay and Raveena remember old times. It's a sweet and exciting moment. Their chemistry is sure to add a special flavor to the movie. 

Guess the Mystery Character! 

There's a character we can't see. Who could it be? It's a big mystery! This hidden character is adding an extra layer of curiosity to the movie. 

Action and Laughter Together! 

Welcome to the jungle's Film director promises action and comedy mixed together. There are weapons and a big explosion. It's a unique blend that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Comedy Legends Reunite! 

Actors from famous comedy movies are coming together. It's like a big comedy reunion! These comedy legends are joining forces to create laughter magic. 

Save the Date! 

Put December 20, 2024, on your calendar. That's when the movie comes out! Get ready for a Christmas gift full of laughs and jungle adventures. 

Can It Be as Good as the First? 

Will this new movie be as good as the first one? People are excited to find out! The original 'Welcome' was a big hit, and fans are hoping for a sequel that's just as awesome. 

Stay Tuned for More Fun! 

Keep following us for more about 'Welcome to the Jungle.' There's lots of fun and surprises coming! Don't miss out on the laughter and excitement. 

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