Upgraded Trailer Review : Intern to CEO (Fake It Till You Make It?)

Upgraded Trailer Review

Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming ride as Ana (Camila Mendes), an ambitious art intern, navigates a whirlwind of career ups and downs, mistaken identities, and unexpected romance in the London art scene.

The Boss From Hell

Ana's world revolves around pleasing her demanding boss, Claire Dupont (Marisa Tomei). But when a work trip to London unexpectedly throws Ana into first class, her life takes a dramatic turn.

First Class Upgrade, First Class Lie

A chance encounter with the handsome and wealthy Will (Archie Renaux) leads to a white lie – Ana pretends to be Claire, her powerful boss. This little fib opens doors to a world of luxury and opportunity, but can she keep it up?

London, Glamorous Fakeness

From exclusive art galleries to private parties, Ana experiences the glamorous side of London as she pretends to be the director. But the thrill is shadowed by the fear of getting caught.

Sparks Fly with Will

As Ana and Will spend more time together, their undeniable chemistry leads to a blossoming romance. But can love thrive on a foundation of lies?

Cracks in the Facade

Ana struggles to maintain her fake persona as her work and personal life get increasingly tangled. One wrong move could expose her web of deceit and ruin everything.

Can Honesty Conquer All?

Ana faces a difficult choice – confess her lie and risk losing everything, or continue the charade with potentially disastrous outcomes. Does honesty hold the key to her happiness?

Facing the Boss, Facing Herself

Ana gathers her courage and confesses her lie to Claire. Will her boss understand the desperation behind the deception?

Love & Career on the Line

Ana must decide what truly matters – the glamorous illusion or the genuine connection she has with Will. Can she find a way to achieve both love and career success on her own terms?

Happily Ever After

Ana's journey of self-discovery and growth leads to an unexpected ending, proving that sometimes the most valuable upgrades are the ones we don't see coming.

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