Trailer Will BLOW Your Mind! : It Was Always Me Trailer S2 Review

It Was Always Me Trailer S2 Review

Disney+ Original series "It Was Always Me" returns with even more music, mystery, and romance! Season 2 picks up as Lupe delves deeper into the secrets surrounding her father's death.

Secrets Surface in Paradise

Did Lupe's father meet with foul play? Season 2 promises thrilling investigations and daring discoveries as Lupe and Noah uncover hidden truths.

Music Infused with Suspense

Get swept away by the infectious rhythms of Colombia! Season 2 blends captivating music with a suspenseful storyline, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Noah Holds the Key

Is Noah friend or foe? Season 2 explores the enigmatic character of Noah, whose connection to Lupe's father could unravel everything.

Love Finds a Way

Will passion ignite amidst the suspense? Season 2 explores the deepening bond between Lupe and Noah, adding a touch of romance to the thrilling investigation.

Lupe Embraces Her Destiny

Lupe finds her inner strength as she delves deeper into the darkness. Season 2 showcases her growth and courage as she confronts danger head-on.

Friendships Tested, Loyalties Blurred

Who can Lupe truly trust? Season 2 raises the stakes as alliances shift and betrayals lurk around every corner.

Explosive Twists

Prepare for mind-blowing revelations! Season 2 promises unpredictable twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Season 2 Soundtrack Fuels the Adventure

Get ready to sing along! Season 2 features an infectious soundtrack that captures the energy and spirit of Colombia.

"It Was Always Me" Season 2 Arrives Soon

Don't miss the premiere! Set your reminders and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Lupe and Noah in Season 2 of "It Was Always Me."

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