The Railway Men Review: A Heart-Wrenching Story 

The Railway Men Review

Encouraged by Impressive Shows, Though Much More Could Have Been Done


A limited series about the Bhopal gas tragedy and the response of the railway workers. Some laudable performances, but the story could have been much more

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

On December 2-3, 1984, a gas leak from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal killed thousands of people. The railway workers played a key role in the rescue and relief efforts

The Railway Men

The series follows the stories of several railway workers who were involved in the rescue and relief efforts. The characters are well-acted, but the story is somewhat predictable

The Acting

Kay Kay Menon is excellent as Iftekhar Siddiqui, a stationmaster who puts his life on the line to save others. Babil Khan is also good as Imad Riaz, a young loco pilot who is haunted by his knowledge of Union Carbide's negligence.

The Direction

– Director Shiv Rawail does a good job of keeping the story moving, but he could have done more to develop the characters  

The Writing

Although the writing is strong, it could have been more subtle. The show doesn't hold back when discussing the corporate and political fraud that contributed to the tragedy, but it doesn't go far enough in examining the effect that the disaster took on human life.

The Verdict

The Railway Men is a well-made and well-acted series, but it could have been more. The story is somewhat predictable, and the characters are not fully developed. The series is worth watching for the performances, but it is not essential viewing

Overall, The Railway Men is a decent but unspectacular limited series. It is worth watching for the performances, but it is not essential viewing.

where To waTch

The series is available on Netflix. The series is four episodes long. The series is rated TV-MA for mature audiences

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