The Kitchen Review : The Social Crisis in London Releases Futuristic Survival

The Kitchen : REVIEW

Discover the futuristic setting of "The Kitchen," a film about inequality in society and the power of community bonds. Prepare for an adventure through a London shaped by neglect and rejection.

Setting the Scene

Enter the Kitchen, a sprawling south London social housing estate. Explore its random layout and the fiercely communal spirit that develops among its predominantly Black, working-class residents.

The Characters

Meet Izi, the taciturn outsider, and Benji, the teenage orphan. Follow their journey as they navigate a world filled with systemic social oppression and a renewed effort to destroy the Kitchen.

Life in the Kitchen

Experience the daily life within the Kitchen, from the shabby market lanes to the heaving nightclubs. Witness the residents' defiant spirit and their unique ways of maintaining pride in the face of adversity.

The Kitchen's Soundscape

Immerse yourself in the soulful beats of the pirate radio station led by DJ Lord Kitchener. Discover how vintage soul and power-to-the-people slogans bolster spirits and foster a sense of unity.

The Struggle to Move On

Follow Izi's journey as he saves up to escape the Kitchen to Buena Vida, a sleek high-rise development. Delve into the contrast between the neglected estate and the soulless, modern alternative.

Human Interdependence

Witness the evolving relationship between Izi and Benji as they open up to each other. Explore the film's poignant exploration of human interdependence and the value of connection in the face of adversity.

Conflict and Tensions

Uncover the dramatic conflicts faced by the characters, from Benji's association with the anti-authoritarian gang leader Staples to the climactic Kitchen uprising. Explore the tension and challenges that unfold.

Fury and Resilience

Discover how "The Kitchen" maintains its compelling nature through the steam of its own fury. Witness the tender depiction of a trampled underclass resisting defeat through small acts of care and empathy.

Resistance and Urgency

Explore the film's larger message of resistance against a contorted London filled with luxury developments. Feel the urgency to resist as the film combines visual allure with a blunter, uglier punch.

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