The Boys Season 4 Trailer Review : Homelander's Trial ! Butcher's New BFF ? Trailer EXPOSES ALL!

The Boys Season 4 trailer review

The Boys season 4 trailer is packed with new information about what to expect from the next chapter of the hit Amazon Prime show.

The Trial of Homelander

The trailer opens with a shot of a large crowd of protestors gathered outside the New York County Courthouse. One side appears to be there to support Starlight, praising and extolling the virtues they believe she stands for, like truth, and the other is a group of rabid Homelander supporters, declaring blind support and praising his strength and super-ness.

Riots at the Trial

The trailer provides a good look at some of the posters from the protestors and also a bird's eye view of the event itself. It appears that there is a much larger group out in the streets to protest on behalf of Homelander, while the Starlighters appear to be a fairly small group.

Victoria Neuman Becomes Vice President

Victoria Neuman has been building her audience over the last two seasons of The Boys and the first season of Gen V. The trailer reveals Singer and Neuman standing on a stage and raising their joined hands together to celebrate the moment, as balloons are released from above.

Ryan Kills a Man: Like Father, Like Son

The trailer shows two young people attacking adults. One is a young girl who appears to have snake-like tendrils coming from her mouth and attacks Kimiko in an apartment. The other is a young boy, whose face is not shown, butgeneral appearance very much resemble Homelander's son Ryan.

Two New Supes

In October 2022, the official X (formerly known as Twitter) account for the show tweeted two pictures and introduced two new supes to the world. Neither one is a direct adaptation from the comics, but both Sister Sage and Firecracker are supes.

President Homelander

Sister Sage can be heard speaking with Homelander as the voiceover, relating his uprising to that of the Roman Emperor Caesars, overthrowing the government, and taking charge. This could lead to a version of the story from the original comics where

Billy Butcher Calls in a Friend

Although Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character has yet to be officially revealed, he greets Billy Butcher like an old friend. He appears familiar with Butcher's secretive group, and feels comfortable sharing a drink and softly jeering Butcher.

Black Noir Has Been Replaced

Right now, Vought and Homelander are desperate to convey an image of stability, strength, and confidence. While behind the scenes, a major fallout has occurred and Homelander personally tried to kill more than half of The Seven, some successfully.

The Boys Season 4 Promises Explosive

Butcher and his team facing new challenges, and the world on the brink of chaos, season 4 promises to be the most explosive and thought-provoking yet. So mark your calendars and get ready for another wild ride when The Boys returns in 2024.

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