Thanksgiving Review: Is Thanksgiving the Goriest Holiday Flick Ever?

Thanksgiving Movie Review: Gory Grindhouse Goodness?

Eli Roth returns to his horror roots with "Thanksgiving," a film that mixes grindhouse elements with gory kills. Is it a holiday classic or a missed opportunity? Dive into our review to find out!

Get Your Guts Laughing: Gruesomely Fun Kills

Thanksgiving doesn't shy away from the gore, delivering over-the-top and often hilarious murder scenes that will have you cringing and chuckling in equal measure. Prepare for a wild ride!

Paper-Thin Plot and Dumb Villains

Unfortunately, the film stumbles when it comes to its characters and story. The characters lack depth, and the villain's motivations are nonsensical. Prepare to roll your eyes at some of the plot points.

A Grindhouse Homage with Modern Twists

Thanksgiving pays tribute to the grindhouse aesthetic of the 70s, incorporating its exploitative style and outrageous violence. Expect a throwback feel with a modern twist.

From Fake Trailer to Feature Film

Thanksgiving was originally a fake trailer in the Grindhouse project. Now, it's a full-fledged film, but does it retain the same charm and energy? Let's delve into the script and see how it translates from concept to execution.

Cheap Thrills or Dated Aesthetics?

Thanksgiving embraces a cheap, grindhouse look. While some might find it nostalgic, others might see it as dated and unattractive. Does the aesthetic enhance the film or hinder it?

Is it Story or Slasher?

The film prioritizes gory kills over a cohesive story. Characters become disposable, and the plot takes a backseat to the violence. Prepare for a slasher experience with little narrative depth.

Campy Performances and a Standout Final Girl

The cast embraces the film's campy tone, delivering over-the-top performances that fit the grindhouse style. Nell Verlaque shines as the "final girl," bringing charisma and determination to her role.

Roth's Grindhouse Vision: Direction and Music

Eli Roth's directing style remains consistent, offering a pure and personal vision. The music perfectly complements the film's grindhouse aesthetic, adding to the campy atmosphere.

Wasted Potential: Thanksgiving's Final Verdict

While Thanksgiving offers some gory fun, it ultimately feels like a missed opportunity. The thin plot, weak characters, and uneven pacing leave it wanting. Will this become a holiday classic? 

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