Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell steam up the screen in "Anyone But You"

The Rom-Com Slump

Romantic comedies have been struggling at the box office in recent years. But could Sydney Sweeney's upcoming film "Anyone But You" be the one to change that?

The Power of Chemistry  

One of the key ingredients to a successful rom-com is undeniable chemistry between the lead actors. And based on the trailers for "Anyone But You," it seems like Sweeney and her co-star Glen Powell have that in spades.

A Bold Marketing Strategy 

Sony Pictures is taking a bold and unconventional approach to marketing "Anyone But You." They're heavily promoting the on-screen chemistry between Sweeney and Powell, and there have even been rumors that the two are dating off-screen.

The Plot of "Anyone But You"  

"Anyone But You" is about two people who have a terrible first date but are forced to pretend to be a couple when they unexpectedly run into each other at a destination wedding.

The Inspiration

"Anyone But You" is inspired by William Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing."

Are They or Aren't They?  

There have been many rumors that Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are dating off-screen. But neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumors.

The Modern Marketing Landscape

Promoting a romantic comedy through traditional methods just doesn't work anymore. Sony Pictures is using social media and other online platforms to generate buzz for "Anyone But You."

The Failure of "What Happens Later"  

Meg Ryan's recent rom-com "What Happens Later" was a box office flop, proving that the genre is no longer a sure thing.

Sydney Sweeney's Take on the Rumors 

Sydney Sweeney has addressed the rumors about her dating Glen Powell, saying that she and Powell are just friends.

The Future of Rom-Coms  

Only time will tell if "Anyone But You" will be a box office success. But it's clear that the rom-com genre is still alive and well.

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