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Jawaan' Breaks Records: Rs.104 Crore Boom 

Jawaan Creates Tsunami at the Box Office! 

Shahrukh Khan's "Jawaan" is rewriting Bollywood history with record-breaking collections. Get the inside scoop on this cinematic sensation!

Rs. 30 Crores from Advance Bookings Alone! 

Discover how "Jawaan" stormed the box office, earning a staggering Rs. 30 crores through advance bookings, setting the stage for a blockbuster.

Shahrukh Khan's Rs. 104 Crore Record-Breaker! 

Bollywood's King Khan is back in style! "Jawaan" is set to make history by potentially collecting Rs. 104 crores on its first day.

Star-Studded Cast and Musical Magic! 

Explore the magic of "Jawaan" with a stellar cast including Nayanthara and Deepika Padukone, plus Anirudh's musical brilliance.

Shahrukh Khan Reigns Supreme! 

Witness Shahrukh Khan's triumphant return to the Rs 1000 crore club with "Jawaan." He's not just a King, he's Shahrukh Khane!

A Record-Breaking Triumph! 

Celebrate the industry record created by "Jawaan" in Bollywood. It's a momentous occasion for cinema lovers and Shahrukh Khan enthusiasts!

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