Shah Rukh Khan's Shocking Confession: "Watch Dunky in Stadiums!"

Shah Rukh Khan: Show 'Dunky' in Stadiums

Shah Rukh Khan: Show 'Dunky' in Stadiums: What Shah Rukh Says on Netizen's Request? Shah Rukh Khan interacts with fans on social media

What does 'Dunky' mean?  

Shah Rukh Khan: Illegally traveling across country borders is called Dunki. Dunki.. Everyone pronounces it differently!

Can you watch Dunky In theater 

Shah Rukh Khan: When I was a child, if I wanted to watch movies without money, I used to hire a projectionist (a person who operates a film projector). Try this. Maybe it will work! Don't tell anyone I told you this. This is a secret between us.

'Dunky' in stadiums instead of theatres

Shah Rukh Khan: I also told our team the same. But, if you do that, there will be no AC. Lack of it will be a problem. It will be uncomfortable if you go to the cinema with children and adults. So watch 'Dunky' in theaters on December 21.

How do you get rid of tension?  

Shah Rukh Khan: When I feel nervous, I take a pen and paper to get rid of it and write tochindi. Plays fun with children.

Shah Rukh Khan.. is synonymous with love.

Shah Rukh Khan: And what is the synonym of sexy bro?

How did it feel to act with Taapsee?  

Shah Rukh Khan: Taapsee, Boman Irani, Vicky Kaushal are talented. They are helping me to perform well. On this occasion, I would like to thank all the other actors along with them.

Shah Rukh Khan dancing 

Shah Rukh Khan: We have a small child at home. His innocence and strength endeared me to him. Remembering him in the matter of songs, I too became a child.

Shah Rukh Khan most popular Indian celebrity

Shah Rukh Khan: I am very happy to be in the top 2. I would like to thank all my fans for their love and support.

Thank you for watching!  

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