Road House Trailer Review

Road House Trailer Review

The iconic 80s action flick is back, reimagined for a new generation with Jake Gyllenhaal taking the reins. Director Doug Liman brings his vision to SXSW, but with a twist. Buckle up for a wild ride!

From Swayze to Gyllenhaal

Can Gyllenhaal fill the shoes of the legendary Patrick Swayze? See how the new Dalton compares to the original in this exciting reboot.

Conor McGregor Joins the Fight

UFC superstar Conor McGregor steps onto the big screen as the villainous Knox. Expect electrifying fight scenes and McGregor's signature swagger.

The Roadhouse Under Threat

The beloved watering hole faces closure from greedy developers. It's up to Dalton to defend its legacy and the community it serves.

Love and Redemption

The film promises not just action but also heart. Expect sparks to fly between Dalton and Doc, the bar's talented pianist.

High-Octane Action Sequences

Director Doug Liman, known for his work on The Bourne Identity, delivers explosive fight choreography that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Liman Boycotts Premiere

Despite his passion for the film, Liman won't be at the SXSW premiere due to a disagreement with Amazon Studios regarding a theatrical release.

Road House Steals the Spotlight

The film kicks off the prestigious SXSW festival, setting the stage for a buzzworthy launch and sparking conversations about remakes and the future of action cinema.

Where to Watch

While a theatrical release remains uncertain, Road House will be available on Prime Video on March 21st. So mark your calendars and prepare for a wild night in!

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