Ranbir's Palace in "Animal"? It's NOT a Set! (Saif's 800 Cr Home!)

Ranbir Kapoor's ancestral home in Animal

The grand house featured in Sandeep Reddy Vanga's latest film Animal is not just a set, it's Saif Ali Khan's Rs 800 crore ancestral home, Pataudi Palace.

A royal abode for generations

Built in 1935 by the last ruling Nawab of Pataudi, Pataudi Palace has served as the residence of the Pataudi family for generations.

A blend of architectural styles

The architecture of Pataudi Palace reflects a unique blend of colonial, Indian, and Islamic styles, creating an impressive and grand structure.

A testament to heritage

Pataudi Palace stands as a testament to the architectural heritage of the region, with its spacious courtyards and historical significance.

A picturesque retreat

Located just 26 kilometers from Gurugram and 60 kilometers from Delhi, Pataudi Palace offers a tranquil and picturesque escape amidst nature.

A popular celebrity venue

Pataudi Palace has become a popular destination for celebrity weddings and events, its regal ambiance and historical charm attracting many.

In the spotlight with Animal

Featured in the recent film Animal, Pataudi Palace has gained renewed attention, showcasing its grandeur to a wider audience.

A glimpse into royalty

Animal offers a glimpse into the royal lifestyle, with scenes filmed in the palace's opulent interiors and majestic courtyards.

More than just a movie set

Pataudi Palace is not just a backdrop in Animal, it's a character in itself, adding authenticity and grandeur to the film's narrative.

A lasting legacy

Pataudi Palace continues to be a symbol of history, heritage, and grandeur, standing as a legacy for generations to come.

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