Rajinikanth's journey from a bus conductor to a legend

Rajinikanth: A Cinematic Odyssey Begins

Explore the extraordinary journey of Rajinikanth, from humble beginnings to becoming a cinematic legend. Part 1 reveals how K. Balachander changed the life of a bus conductor.

The Roots of a Superstar

Rajinikanth's early life in Bangalore, his spiritual upbringing at Ramakrishna Math, and the challenges he faced after his mother's demise.

A Friend's Support

Discover how Raj Bahadur, a friend and bus driver, played a crucial role in supporting Rajinikanth's dream of acting.

Unseen Support: Nimmy's Contribution

Rajinikanth's girlfriend, Nimmy, secretly enrolls him in the Adayar Film Institute, marking a pivotal moment in his journey.

Rebirth as Rajinikanth

K. Balachander rechristens Sivaji Rao Gaekwad as Rajinikanth to avoid confusion, marking the birth of a superstar.

Apoorva Ragangal's Impact

Explore how Rajinikanth's minor role in Apoorva Ragangal set the stage for his cinematic journey, earning acclaim.

Typecast in Negative Roles

Rajinikanth's early career sees him typecast in negative roles, challenging norms and expectations.

Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri

Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri marks a turning point as Rajinikanth takes on a positive-shaded role, breaking the mold.

Evolution of Roles

Witness Rajinikanth's transition from negative roles to his first lead in Bairavi, a blockbuster hit.

A Surprising Farewell

Rajinikanth's unexpected retirement in 1979 leaves fans shocked, hinting at the enigmatic twists in his cinematic journey.

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