Players Trailer Review : Gina Rodriguez Faking Love to Win Tom Ellis' Heart

Players Trailer Review

Buckle up for laughter, love, and a whole lot of games in Players, the sizzling new romantic comedy dropping on Netflix this February 14th. Join Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez and Lucifer's Tom Ellis as they take on a hilarious journey of unexpected romance and playful tactics.

Meet Mack and Nick

Mack, a quick-witted sportswriter, is used to calling the shots. Nick, a captivating bachelor, seems untouchable. When their paths collide, sparks fly as Mack finds herself falling for the very man she was supposed to play. But can their connection survive the rules of the game?

The Play's the Thing

With her best friend Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.) and a crew of quirky confidantes, Mack devises a playful playbook to navigate the world of Nick's affections. Expect hilarious hijinks, witty banter, and maybe even a fake relationship or two as they try to outsmart the game of love.

Unexpected Turns & Twists

As Mack and Nick navigate their playful charade, the lines between pretend and real begin to blur. Steamy encounters, heartfelt moments, and genuine vulnerability challenge their initial intentions. Can they rewrite the rules of the game and discover something truly special?

Cast of Comedy All-Stars

Get ready for non-stop laughs with Players' stellar supporting cast. Damon Wayans Jr. brings his signature comedic charm as Mack's best friend, while Liza Koshy and Joel Courtney add quirky humor as her loyal companions.

Trish Sie Brings Her Magic 

Pitch Perfect 3's Trish Sie steps behind the lens for Players, bringing her unique blend of romance and comedy to the story. Her expertise in dance and music videos translates to vibrant visuals and dynamic energy, making Players a visually stunning and engaging experience.

Players Explores Vulnerability

While Players delivers plenty of laughs and lighthearted fun, it also delves into deeper themes. The film explores the challenges of opening up one's heart, taking risks, and learning from past mistakes.

Players Hits on Valentine's Day

Mark your calendars for February 14th and get ready to swoon over Players. This delightful rom-com promises an escape into a world of witty banter, playful romance, and heartwarming moments.

Players Hype Machine!

Don't keep the fun to yourself! Share your excitement for Players on social media using the hashtag #PlayersNetflix. Tag your friends, discuss your favorite moments, and join the online community buzzing with anticipation.

Ticket to Laughter & Love

Players is the perfect escape for anyone looking for a feel-good experience this Valentine's Day. So why wait? Grab your tissues, your laughter muscles, and prepare to be swept away by the irresistible force of love, fun, and a little bit of playfulness.

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