Pete Davidson Turbo Fonzarelli Trailer : Grows Wings & Gets Wild

Pete Davidson Turbo Fonzarelli Trailer

Get ready for laughs as the SNL alum hits Netflix with his second comedy special, promising insights on turning 30, love, life, in the woods? Buckle up for Turbo Fonzarelli, premiering January 9th!

Davidson's Growth Journey

Watch Pete reminisce on his journey from Staten Island kid to comedy rockstar. "Turbo Fonzarelli" promises hilarious anecdotes about navigating fame, adulthood, and maybe even some unexpected life choices.

Pete's Take on Love

Prepare for Pete's signature blend of self-deprecating humor and surprisingly insightful takes on love and relationships. Will he dish on his famous exes? Only one way to find out!

Pete Mines Humor from Life's Absurdities

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of hilarious observations and relatable reflections on life's ups and downs. From awkward encounters to existential ponderings, Pete finds the funny in everything.

Pete Embraces the Unconventional

One of the special's biggest mysteries: Pete's foray into living in the woods. Expect jokes about camping mishaps, encounters with wildlife, and maybe even a newfound appreciation for nature (or lack thereof).

Star Power and Sidekicks

Keep your eyes peeled for surprise cameos and hilarious collaborations with other comedians and celebrities. "Turbo Fonzarelli" promises guest appearances that will have you rolling on the floor.

The Making of "Turbo Fonzarelli"

Get an exclusive peek into the creative process behind the special. See how Pete crafts his jokes, interacts with the crew, and prepares to take the stage for a night of guaranteed laughs.

"Turbo Fonzarelli" Takes Off

Witness the early buzz surrounding the special, with critics praising Pete's vulnerability and humor, and fans already hailing it as a comedy must-watch. Get ready to join the hype!

January 9th is Laugh Day

Don't miss Pete's comedic return on January 9th, exclusively on Netflix. Prepare for an hour of unfiltered jokes, heartfelt moments, and enough laughs to fuel your New Year's resolutions.

Share "Turbo Fonzarelli" with the World

The special's title has everyone scratching their heads. Is it a reference to Happy Days? A childhood idol of Pete's? Prepare to delve into the hilarious depths of this inside joke and see how it ties into the special's themes.

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