Permanent Roommates Season 3 Review : Still Laughs? Still Love? Still Worth It?

Permanent Roommates Season 3 Review

After a long wait, Mikesh and Tanya are back! But with the world and audience attention spans changing, can Season 3 recapture the charm of past seasons? Dive into our review to find out!

Mikesh & Tanya Dream of Settling Abroad

This season, Mikesh and Tanya have new dreams - settling abroad. But as always, their desires clash, leading to humorous and heartwarming situations as they navigate their relationship and individual goals.

Sheeba Chaddha Shines as Lata

Sheeba Chaddha delivers a masterclass as Lata, Mikesh's mother. Her character delves into the complexities of grief, independence, and rediscovering oneself after her husband's passing. Lata's story adds a poignant layer to the season.

Tanya's Career Aspirations 

This season shifts focus from just the couple's dynamic to Tanya's professional aspirations. We see her grapple with ambition, difficult choices, and the challenges of juggling career and personal life, offering a relatable storyline for many viewers.

Mikesh & Tanya Embrace Change

 Despite nearing middle age, Mikesh and Tanya show that it's never too late to recalibrate and embrace new beginnings. Their journey encourages viewers to face challenges and adapt to life's unexpected turns.

Legacy of Earlier Seasons

Unfortunately, the writing in Season 3 lacks the wit and charm of previous seasons. While the story offers interesting themes, the execution falls short of expectations.

Lleo & Purushottam's Humor Falls Flat

Mikesh's friends, Lleo and Purushottam, return as sidekicks. However, their humor often feels forced and misses the mark, becoming more annoying than entertaining.

Stuck on Low Budget

Despite moving to Prime Video, the production design remains stagnant. The apartment and overall aesthetic feel unchanged from previous seasons, lacking the upgrade one might expect for a streaming platform.

Disappointing Return

With only five short episodes, Season 3 feels rushed and fails to deliver the emotional depth and humor of past seasons. While some aspects shine, ultimately, the long wait leaves viewers feeling underwhelmed.

Watch or Skip? Our Final Verdict

Ultimately, whether or not to watch Permanent Roommates Season 3 depends on your expectations. If you're a die-hard fan and eager to see Mikesh and Tanya again, you might find some enjoyment in their familiar dynamic and the new themes explored.

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