Perilloor Premier League Trailer Review : City Girl Accidentally Becomes Village President!

Perilloor Premier League Trailer Review

Get ready for a riotous ride to rural Kerala! Perilloor Premier League, a brand new web series on Disney+ Hotstar, brings unexpected twists, hilarious mishaps, and charming characters to your screens. Mark your calendars for January 5 and prepare to be entertained!

Picturesque Village of Perilloor

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Kerala, Perilloor village breathes life into the story. From stunning vistas to vibrant local markets, experience the rustic charm that sets the stage for Perilloor Premier League's hilarious chaos.

City Girl to Panchayat President

Malavika's idyllic escape to Perilloor takes a hilarious turn when she unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the role of Panchayat President. Navigating the unfamiliar world of village politics with her urban sensibilities, Malavika's journey promises laughter and heartwarming moments.

Meet the Cast:

Perilloor isn't complete without its vibrant residents! From the grumpy veteran politician to the lovestruck youth chasing his dream girl, a host of quirky characters with their own unique stories add an extra layer of humor and heart to the series.

Panchayat Polls

While Malavika grapples with her newfound political responsibilities, love finds its way in the form of Sunny Wayne's charming character. Will their romance survive the hilarious mayhem of the Panchayat elections? Perilloor Premier League keeps you guessing until the very end.

Laugh Until Your Sides Hurt

Get ready for non-stop laughter with Perilloor Premier League's unique blend of physical humor, witty dialogue, and situational comedy. From Malavika's clumsiness to Ashokan's outrageous antics, the series promises to tickle your funny bone and leave you entertained.

Kunjiramayanam Meets Modern Humor

Fans of the iconic Malayalam comedy film Kunjiramayanam will find delightful echoes in Perilloor Premier League. The show captures the same essence of rural humor, charming characters, and quirky situations, offering a modern twist on a classic comedic style.

Crew with Vision and Humor

Perilloor Premier League comes to life thanks to a talented team led by debutant director Praveen Chandran and acclaimed writer Deepu Pradeep. The cast and crew's passion and dedication add another layer of charm to the series, making it a must-watch for fans of good storytelling and quality entertainment.

More Than Just Laughs

Panchayat President isn't just about comical mishaps; it's about her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of the villagers. The series subtly blends humor with social messages, creating a relatable and engaging experience for viewers.

Pan-Indian Experience

Get ready to laugh in your own language! Perilloor Premier League transcends regional boundaries by being available in multiple Indian languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, and Bangla.

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