Parineeti Chopra's SHOCKING 15 kg transformation for Netflix film!

Parineeti Chopra's 15 kg weight gain for Chamkila

A look at Parineeti Chopra's dedication to her role in Imtiaz Ali's "Chamkila," where she gained 15 kgs and is now working hard to get back in shape.

Mission Raniganj and Chamkila

Despite only having one release this year ("Mission Raniganj"), Parineeti Chopra has another exciting project coming up - "Chamkila" on Netflix.

The 80s Punjabi rockstar: A biopic in the making

"Chamkila" tells the true story of Amar Singh Chamkila, a legendary Punjabi singer who left his mark in the 80s and was tragically murdered.

Parineeti's weight gain journey: Junk food for the role

To portray Amarjot, Chamkila's wife, Parineeti embraced a 15 kg weight gain, indulging in "as much junk food as I wanted" for 6 months while recording in A.R. Rahman's studio.

Back to fitness: Working hard to shed the kilos

Now that filming is wrapped, Parineeti is dedicated to getting back in shape, sharing a motivational workout video and expressing her desire to be "not like Amarjot ji" anymore.

Parineeti's contrasting routines: From indulgence to discipline

Parineeti reflects on her contrasting routines, from music and food during filming to her current focus on studies and workouts. She highlights the dedication required for the role.

Diljit Dosanjh portrays the legendary singer

Diljit Dosanjh steps into the shoes of Amar Singh Chamkila, bringing the Punjabi rockstar to life on screen. A glimpse from the teaser shows his captivating portrayal.

A life cut short: The heartbreaking murder

The film also sheds light on the tragic ending of Amar Singh Chamkila's life, who was shot dead before his performance in 1988.

Pushing boundaries for the craft: Parineeti's commitment

Parineeti's weight transformation showcases her dedication to her craft, highlighting her willingness to "do anything for Imtiaz sir and this role."

Chamkila: A biopic not to be missed

"Chamkila" promises a powerful and emotional journey, chronicling the life and legacy of the iconic Punjabi singer. Get ready to be swept away by this upcoming Netflix release.

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