Neru Movie Review : Blind Artist Seeks Justice ! Can She Identify Her Attacker in Court?

Neru Movie Review 

Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal reunite for a gripping legal thriller about a blind woman's fight for justice, with powerful performances and an intriguing premise.

Sara's Traumatic Journey

From the outset, Neru establishes the challenges faced by Sara, a blind rape victim, as she embarks on a quest for justice against a powerful adversary.

Vijayamohan's Second Chance

Enter Vijayamohan, a down-and-out lawyer seeking redemption. He takes on Sara's case, igniting a battle against powerful forces with his own history of legal troubles.

Truth vs. Deceit in the Halls of Justice

The courtroom becomes a battlefield where Sara's testimony is challenged, forcing her to rely on her heightened senses and unwavering courage to identify her attacker.

Navigating the Complexities of Power

Neru sheds light on the inherent imbalance in the legal system, where a wealthy businessman and his high-flying lawyer stand against a lone victim and her struggling advocate.

Impact Beyond the Verdict

The film's impact transcends the courtroom, exploring the emotional toll on Sara, Vijayamohan, and those involved, adding depth and resonance to the legal drama.

Anaswara Rajan's Conviction and Mohanlal's Resurgence

Anaswara Rajan delivers a powerful portrayal of Sara's resilience, while Mohanlal shines in a subdued yet captivating performance as Vijayamohan, marking his return to form.

Gripping Narrative with Minor Missteps

While Neru's courtroom sequences are mostly riveting, occasional melodramatic elements and unnecessary references to past films like Drishyam don't detract from the overall impact.

Quest for Catharsis

Neru takes viewers on a suspenseful journey, chipping away at the lies and navigating the arduous legal process. Though it falls short of a complete cathartic release, it remains a compelling and thought-provoking experience.

Verdict: A Must-Watch for Courtroom Drama

Despite its minor imperfections, Neru is a commendable courtroom drama with strong performances, a powerful central theme, and moments of genuine brilliance. It's a must-watch for fans of the genre and those seeking a thought-provoking film about justice and resilience.

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