Nani Betrays Friends?! Rashmika & Vijay FURY over Leaked Pics (Hi Nanna Drama)

Hi Nanna Caught in Rashmika-Vijay Crossfire?

Nani's new film "Hi Nanna" is about to release, but a pre-release event controversy has everyone talking. Did Nani stir the pot with Rashmika and Vijay Devarakonda's relationship?

Private Photos Leaked: Hi Nanna's Shocking Promotional Tactic?

During "Hi Nanna" promotions, private photos of Rashmika and Vijay were shown, sparking outrage. Fans accused the film's team of invading their privacy for publicity.

"I had no idea!" Nani Apologizes for Rashmika-Vijay Photo Leak

Nani clarified he was unaware of the photo incident and offered a sincere apology. He assured everyone it was an impulsive act by someone at the event.

Rashmika and Vijay Unfazed by Photo Leak Drama

Both Rashmika and Vijay, close friends of Nani, reportedly took the incident in good stride. They understand it was a promotional misstep and hold no grudges.

Beyond the Controversy: Hi Nanna's Promise of Family Rom-Com Fun

Despite the pre-release hiccup, "Hi Nanna" is ready to entertain! Directed by Shouryuv, the film boasts a stellar cast - Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Shruti Haasan, and Baby Kiara - in a heartwarming family story.

Mark Your Calendars! Hi Nanna Hits Theaters on December 7th

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions with "Hi Nanna"! Laughter, tears, and heartwarming family moments await. Book your tickets for December 7th and witness Nani's magic!

Hi Nanna: A Must-Watch Despite the Controversy? Critics Weigh In

While the photo leak left a bad taste, critics are praising "Hi Nanna" for its performances, humor, and emotional depth. Is it worth a watch? Find out what critics have to say!

Hi Nanna: Box Office Bonanza or Flop?

Initial audience reactions are pouring in! Is "Hi Nanna" living up to the hype despite the controversy? Dive into spoiler-free reviews and see if it's a hit or miss!

Hi Nanna: Award Season Contender?

With its critical acclaim and emotional impact, "Hi Nanna" might just be an awards season darling. Will it bag prestigious awards? We analyze the film's potential and make predictions!

Hi Nanna: A Story Beyond the Controversy

We've discussed the controversy, the release, the reactions, and the award potential. But is "Hi Nanna" a movie you should watch? We leave that to you. Decide based on what matters to you and enjoy the cinematic experience!

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