Nana Patekar Slaps Fan in Anger: Viral Video Sparks Outrage

Nana Patekar Slaps Fan in Anger  

Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has made headlines once again, but this time it's not for his acting. In a recent video that has gone viral on social media, Patekar is seen angrily slapping a fan who tried to take a selfie with him without permission.

Video of the Incident

The video shows Patekar standing in a crowd of people when a young man approaches him and asks for a selfie. Patekar seems initially hesitant, but eventually agrees. However, as the man is taking the photo, Patekar can be seen suddenly slapping him across the face. The man is shocked and visibly shaken, while Patekar walks away without saying a word.

Social Media Reaction

The video has sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling Patekar's behavior "unacceptable" and "violent." Some have even called for him to be boycotted from the film industry. However, others have defended Patekar, saying that he was simply reacting to being harassed by the fan.

Patekar's Defense

In a statement released to the media, Patekar said that he was "deeply regretful" of his actions, but that he felt that he had been "provoked" by the fan. He also said that he was "a man of peace" and that he had never intentionally hurt anyone before.

Film Director's Clarification  

Anil Sharma, the director of Patekar's upcoming film Journey, has claimed that the video is actually a shot from the film. He said that the scene was being filmed in a crowded street when a man approached Patekar and tried to take a selfie with him without permission. According to Sharma, the slap was part of the script and that Patekar was only acting.

Social Media Reaction to Director's Statement

Sharma's statement has been met with mixed reactions on social media. Some people have said that they believe him, while others have expressed skepticism. Some have also pointed out that even if the slap was scripted, it was still filmed in a public place and that Patekar should have been more careful.


The incident has raised a number of questions about the limits of fan behavior and the responsibilities of celebrities. It has also sparked a debate about the role of violence in films. Only time will tell what the long-term impact of the incident will be.

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