My Life with the Walter Boys Review : A Hot Mess of High School Drama

My Life with the Walter Boys Review

"My Life with the Walter Boys" is a Netflix YA series about a girl named Jackie who moves to a ranch with her large family after her parents' death. The show is full of romance tropes, but lacks substance and character development.

The Premise: Girl Meets Boy

The story of "My Life with the Walter Boys" is a familiar one: girl meets boy, boy has a brother, both boys fall for the girl, and drama ensues. This tired trope is the foundation of the show, and it quickly becomes predictable and boring.

A Cast of Stereotypes: The Walter Boys

The show boasts a large cast of characters, but most of them are simply stereotypes. The Walter boys are particularly one-dimensional, with each one embodying a single trope: the bad boy, the sensitive one, 

Tokenism and Missed Opportunities

While the show features a diverse cast, their identities are rarely explored. This results in a sense of tokenism, where diversity is present but not meaningful. The show could have used its diverse cast to explore important issues.

Bright Spots: Katherine, George, and Tara

Despite the show's flaws, there are a few bright spots. Katherine and George are some of the most involved and supportive parents on TV, and Sarah Rafferty does a great job of portraying the challenges and rewards of parenting eleven children.

Confusing Chronology and Whiplash Character Shifts

The show's chronology is often confusing, and the characters seem to change personalities on a dime. This makes the show difficult to follow and invest in. By the end of the season, it's hard to care about any of the characters or their relationships.

A Predictable Conclusion: No Choice But to Disappoint

The show's predictable conclusion does little to redeem its earlier flaws. By the time Jackie finally chooses a brother, it feels like an arbitrary decision rather than a natural outcome of their relationship.

Wasted Potential

"My Life with the Walter Boys" had the potential to be a good show. It had a diverse cast, an interesting premise, and some talented actors. However, the show's reliance on tired tropes, lack of character development, and confusing plot

Should You Watch It?

If you're looking for a light and fluffy show with no real substance, then "My Life with the Walter Boys" might be worth a watch. However, if you're looking for something with more depth and originality, you're better off skipping this one.

Looking Forward: Will There Be a Season 2?

The ending of "My Life with the Walter Boys" leaves the door open for a second season. However, given the show's poor reception, it's unclear whether or not Netflix will renew it. It's likely that the show will be cancelled, which is probably for the best.

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