Mister Global Pageant: India's Karun Raman Makes History as Show Director

Mister Global Pageant Kicks Off in Mahasarakham, Thailand

The 9th edition of the Mister Global Pageant is underway in Mahasarakham, Thailand, bringing together 40 contestants from around the world.

A Celebration of Male Beauty

The Mister Global Pageant showcases the beauty and diversity of men from all corners of the globe.

Bringing the World Together

The Mister Global Pageant is a platform for promoting friendship, understanding, and unity among men from different cultures.

Making History as the First Indian Show Director

India's own Karun Raman has been named the official show director for the Mister Global Pageant, marking a significant milestone.

Bringing Indian Flair to the Global Stage

Karun Raman's involvement in the Mister Global Pageant is expected to add a touch of Indian flair and sophistication to the event.

President Pradit Pradinunt

President Pradit Pradinunt, the organizer of the 9th Edition of the Mister Global Pageant, is a key figure in shaping the event's success.

Celebrity Fashion Choreographer

Karun Raman's expertise as a celebrity fashion choreographer is evident in the stylish and elegant presentations of the contestants.

A Prominent Force in the Indian Pageant Industry

The Rubaru Mr. India organization, under the leadership of Pankaj Kharbanda, has played a significant role in promoting male talent in India.

The Mister Global Pageant: A Spectacle to Behold

The Mister Global Pageant is a grand affair, filled with exciting competitions, captivating performances, and unforgettable moments.

Redefining Masculinity in the Modern World

The Mister Global Pageant goes beyond physical beauty, celebrating the intelligence, compassion, and leadership qualities of men from around the globe.

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