Miss Universe Bahrain embraces responsibility 

Early Success

Lujane was almost the winner in 2022, and now she's trying again for the Miss Universe title. It's a big deal!

Training & Getting Ready

Lujane spent a whole month getting ready in the Philippines. She did lots of things like trying on dresses, practicing how to walk, and taking cool pictures.

Going Global

Lujane isn't just representing herself; she's representing her country and other nearby places. She's working hard for a big competition on Nov. 18th!

Helping Others

Besides the competition, Lujane is doing three important things: helping kids learn art, talking to people doing good things, and being a Smile Train ambassador. It's all about making the world better.

Making a Difference Online

Lujane got more popular on Instagram, and it's not just for show. She's using it to spread good vibes and make a positive impact.

Going to University

After the competition, Lujane plans to go to university in the UK. She thinks education is important, even if you're a big star.

What's Next After Miss Universe

After the pageant, Lujane wants to keep helping others and also act in movies. Get ready for some movie magic!

Inspiring Kids

Lujane visits schools in Bahrain to tell kids about her journey. She wants to inspire them to follow their dreams.

Wrapping It Up

As Lujane looks forward to her future, let's keep an eye on the exciting things happening in her life. More updates coming soon!

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