Marathi Actors Diwali Celebrations Across the Globe

Marathi Actors Celebrate Diwali Abroad

Diwali, the festival of lights and festivities, is a time for togetherness, warmth, and the illumination of homes and hearts. While traditionally celebrated in the Indian subcontinent with great zeal, Marathi actors have taken the opportunity to celebrate Diwali in foreign lands.

Prasad Oak's Enchanting Parisian Diwali

Prasad Oak, the well-known Marathi actor and judge on "Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra," decided to make his Diwali memorable by celebrating it in the enchanting city of Paris. Alongside his wife, Manjiri Oak, and their son, Mayank Oak, he embarked on a family vacation to the picturesque French capital.

Amruta Deshmukh's Glitzy Abu Dhabi Diwali

Amruta Deshmukh kicked off her Diwali celebrations in Abu Dhabi. She indulged in the festive atmosphere, beginning her celebrations on Dhanteras in the stunning Emirati city. Following her time in Abu Dhabi, she returned to Mumbai to continue the festivities with her fiancé, Prasad Jawade.

Anvita Phaltankar's Diwali Down Under

Anvita Phaltankar decided to celebrate Diwali a world away from her homeland, in Melbourne, Australia. Taking a break from her professional commitments, she is currently pursuing her studies in Melbourne. 

Sonalee Kulkarni's Dubai Diwali with Loved Ones

For the second time, Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni has chosen to celebrate Diwali in Dubai, where she resides with her husband, Kunal Benodekar. The actress, who is renowned for her performances in Marathi cinema, is embracing the festival of lights in a foreign land.

Diwali: A Festival That Transcends Borders

Marathi actors' decision to celebrate Diwali abroad highlights the festival's global appeal and its ability to bring people together, regardless of their location. Their celebrations showcase the beauty of embracing traditions and creating new memories, even when far from home.

Diwali: A Time for Reflection & Gratitude

As we continue to celebrate Diwali, let us take a moment to reflect on the blessings in our lives and express gratitude for the people who make them possible. May the spirit of Diwali continue to illuminate our paths and inspire us to spread light, hope, and joy in the world.

Happy Diwali from Around the Globe!

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