Mammootty's Explosive Opinion on Film Reviews: Must See!

Mammootty on Banning Film Reviews

Veteran Malayalam actor Mammootty has expressed his opinion on the ongoing debate surrounding banning film reviews. He believes that banning reviews will not save the film industry and that people should form their own opinions about movies.

Review Bombing: A Growing Concern

Review bombing, the practice of deliberately flooding a film with negative reviews, has become a major concern for filmmakers. This can significantly impact a film's box office performance and discourage people from watching it.

Mammootty's Upcoming Film 'Kaathal – The Core'

Mammootty's upcoming film, 'Kaathal – The Core', is a family drama that explores the dynamics of a family as they face a crisis just days before the father is set to contest in local body elections.

Mammootty's Role in 'Kaathal – The Core'

Mammootty plays the role of George, a man who is preparing to participate in the local body elections. However, his family encounters a crisis just days before he submits his nomination.

Jyothika's Role in 'Kaathal – The Core'

Jyothika plays the role of Anjali, George's wife. She is a supportive and understanding wife who helps George through the difficult times.

Kaathal – The Core's Director Jeo Baby

Jeo Baby is a talented director who is known for his realistic and emotionally resonant films. He is a strong believer in the power of cinema to move and inspire people.

Kaathal – The Core's Screenwriters 

Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria are two talented screenwriters who have penned the script for 'Kaathal – The Core'. Their script is full of heart and humor, and it promises to deliver an engaging and heartwarming story.

Kaathal – The Core's Theatrical Release

'Kaathal – The Core' is set to hit theaters on November 23, 2023. It is a film that is sure to resonate with audiences of all ages.

Mammootty's Message to Filmmakers

Mammootty encourages filmmakers to continue making films that they are passionate about and not to be discouraged by negative reviews. He believes that good films will always find an audience.

The Importance of Film Reviews

While Mammootty believes that people should form their own opinions about movies, he also acknowledges the importance of film reviews. Film reviews can provide valuable insights into a film and help people decide whether or not to see it.

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