Lantrani Trailer Review: Rural Reality or Bollywood Hyp

Lantrani Trailer Review

Dive into the realities of rural India with "Lantrani," an upcoming anthology film featuring three independent stories directed by award-winning filmmakers.

Three Stories, One Powerful Message

"Lantrani" is more than just a film; it's a tapestry woven from three distinct narratives. Each story, directed by Gurvinder Singh, Kaushik Ganguly, and Bhaskar Hazarika, explores different facets of rural life

Award-Winning Directors

Kaushik Ganguly, the director of the award-winning "Jatishwar," weaves a captivating tale in "Hud Hud Dabang." And Bhaskar Hazarika, winner of the National Film Award for "Aamis," presents a unique perspective in "Sanitized Samachar."

Cast Brings the Stories to Life

The legendary Johny Lever takes on a surprising role in "Hud Hud Dabang," while Jitendra Kumar delivers a powerful performance in "Dharna Mana Hai."

Story of "Dharna Mana Hai"

In "Dharna Mana Hai," Gurvinder Singh tells the story of a scheduled caste woman who becomes the first-time member of the Sarpanch.

Tale of "Hud Hud Dabang"

Kaushik Ganguly's "Hud Hud Dabang" follows a police officer who is given a gun and a motorcycle to transport a criminal. As he learns more about the prisoner's life, he makes a life-altering decision

"Sanitized Samachar": A Story of Survival

Bhaskar Hazarika's "Sanitized Samachar" takes a humorous look at the struggles of a local news channel. To save their channel from shutting down, the employees must telecast a live primetime bulletin

Excitement Builds

Mark your calendars, movie lovers! "Lantrani" premieres on February 9th, 2024 exclusively on the streaming platform ZEE5. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the diverse and captivating narratives

Should Watch "Lantrani"

With its thought-provoking stories, powerful performances, and stunning visuals, "Lantrani" is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates meaningful cinema. It offers a window into the realities of rural India

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