Laapataa Ladies Trailer Review

Laapataa Ladies Trailer Review

Kiran Rao's latest directorial, Laapataa Ladies. This rural comedy promises laughter galore as two brides accidentally take each other's place, leading to hilarious situations and heartwarming discoveries.

Two Trains, Destinations, Wrong Brides

Imagine boarding a train for your wedding day, only to end up with the wrong groom! That's the fate of our two unsuspecting brides in Laapataa Ladies.

Under the Ghoonghat: Who's Who?

Traditions can sometimes lead to hilarious consequences. In Laapataa Ladies, the custom of the ghoonghat (veil) plays a pivotal role in the mix-up.

My Wife is Not My Wife!

Imagine the shock and disbelief when Deepak Kumar realizes the woman he brought home is not his bride. His hilarious attempts to explain the situation to his family and the skeptical villagers are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Inspector Ravi Kishan

The mix-up doesn't go unnoticed. Enter Inspector Ravi Kishan, who adds a touch of suspense and quirky humor to the narrative. His investigation brings more chaos and laughter as he tries to unravel the mystery of the missing brides.

Unexpected Discoveries!

Deepak grapples with the wrong bride, the other bride finds herself in a completely new environment. This slide explores her journey of adapting to a new family and culture, with its own share of humorous moments

Secrets Revealed, Bonds Forged

As the secrets behind the bride swap come to light, prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions. Laugh along as the brides react to the situation, but also witness the unexpected bonds that form amidst the chaos.

The Quest for the Right Brides!

Will Deepak and the other groom be able to track down their real brides? Follow their hilarious and heartwarming attempts to navigate the confusion and find their true love amidst the mix-up.

Celebrating Life, Love, & Laughter!

Laapataa Ladies reminds us that even in the midst of confusion, humor and hope can prevail. This slide celebrates the triumph of laughter, the power of relationships, and the journey of self-discovery

Laapataa Ladies Arrives!

Get ready to laugh your heart out with Laapataa Ladies, releasing in theaters on March 1st

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