Karmma Calling Review :  Raveena's Exciting Adventure – Glam, Drama, Fun!

Unveiling "Karmma Calling"

Embark on a thrilling journey with "Karmma Calling," a new Disney Plus Hotstar series. Inspired by an age-old classic, this show promises excitement and drama.

Meet Indrani Kothari

Get ready to be charmed by Raveena Tandon as Indrani Kothari – a stylish and wealthy woman from Alibaug. She's at the heart of a tale filled with secrets and glamour.

Fun with Director Ruchi Narain

Director Ruchi Narain spills the beans on what makes "Karmma Calling" a must-watch. Discover the behind-the-scenes magic that adds grandeur to this series.

Kothari Family Drama

Dive into the world of the Kothari family, where drama, secrets, and luxury collide. Join us on a journey through their captivating story.

Thrills with Revenge, Deceit, and Betrayals

Hold onto your seats as "Karmma Calling" unfolds gripping tales of revenge, deceit, and betrayals. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster!

Raveena Tandon's Digital Comeback

After wowing us in "Aranyak," Raveena Tandon is back! Learn about her exciting role in "Karmma Calling" and why this series is a game-changer.

Indrani's Success Mantra

Discover Indrani's no-nonsense philosophy for success. "No rules, no morals. When the world is yours, even Karma can't stop you." Unveil the mindset of this dynamic character.

A World of Glamour and Intrigue

Step into a world of luxury and style with "Karmma Calling." Director Ruchi Narain promises a series filled with glamorous settings and jaw-dropping moments.

Save the Date - January 26, 2024

Circle January 26, 2024, on your calendar! "Karmma Calling" is set to premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar. Don't miss out on the excitement!

Stay Tuned for Surprises!

The cast is set, the stage is grand, and surprises await! Stay tuned for more updates as "Karmma Calling" gets ready to whisk you into a world of drama and excitement.

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