Is 'Salaar' a Remake? Producer Finally Breaks Silence!

Prabhas' 'Salaar': Remake or Original?

Over the past few months, rumors have circulated that Prabhas' 'Salaar' is a remake of Prashanth Neel's Kannada film, 'Ugramm'. In this Web Story, we delve into the truth behind these speculations and explore the intriguing world of 'Salaar'.

'Salaar' Set for December 22 Release

With a highly anticipated release date of December 22, 'Salaar' is all set to captivate audiences worldwide. However, speculation surrounding its originality has cast a shadow over its release.

Rumors of 'Ugramm' Remake

Social media buzz suggests that 'Salaar' might be a remake of Prashanth Neel's earlier film, 'Ugramm', raising questions about its originality and narrative.

Producer Vijay Kiragandur Speaks Out

In a recent interview, producer Vijay Kiragandur addressed the rumors head-on, offering clarity and dispelling doubts about 'Salaar's originality.

'Salaar' Not a Remake, Confirms Kiragandur

Kiragandur categorically denied the rumors of 'Salaar' being a remake, emphasizing Prashanth Neel's ability to deliver unique and powerful narratives.

'Salaar': A Story of Two Friends

Prashanth Neel has revealed that 'Salaar' revolves around the complex bond between two friends, whose relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Similarities & Differences between 'Salaar' & 'Ugramm'

While both films explore the theme of friendship, 'Ugramm' takes a darker approach with its narrative focusing on violence and injustice.

'Salaar' Trailer

The officially released trailer of 'Salaar' provides a glimpse into the film's action-packed sequences, Prabhas' powerful performance, and the mysterious world it inhabits.

'Ugramm' Trailer

The trailer for 'Ugramm' offers a contrast to 'Salaar', showcasing the film's gritty and violent nature.

Unveiling the Truth Behind 'Salaar'

With the release of 'Salaar' just around the corner, the truth about its originality will soon be revealed. Get ready to witness an epic cinematic journey filled with action, drama, and unexpected twists.

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