Himansh Kohli's Heartbreaking Role in Gahvara! Don't Miss KIFF Screening! 

Himansh Kohli's 'Gahvara' to Screen at Kolkata I

Gahvara is a moving short film about loss, family, and personal transformation. It follows the story of Farhan, a young man who must confront his grief and find his place in the world after the death of his grandmother. The film will be screened at the 29th Kolkata International Film Festival on December 8 and 12.

Farhan's Last Wish

Farhan's grandmother's last request was for him to build a new funeral bier for her interment. This simple task becomes a source of conflict within the family, as some members question the necessity of the tradition. Farhan's mother is particularly upset about the bier's construction, but he is determined to honor his grandmother's wishes.

A Tense Visit

Farhan's obsession with his grandmother puts a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend, Nargis. She feels neglected and misunderstood, and their visit to his family home becomes increasingly tense. Just as things seem to be reaching a breaking point, tragedy strikes.

Unexpected Loss

Farhan learns of his father's unexpected passing, throwing him into a tailspin of grief and confusion. This sudden loss forces him to confront his own mortality and the fragility of life. He begins to question everything he thought he knew about himself and his place in the world.

A Turning Point

The death of his father is a turning point for Farhan.  He begins to see his grandmother's last request in a new light, as an act of love and not of obligation. He realizes that he needs to let go of his anger and resentment in order to move forward.

Facing the Past

Farhan starts to mend his relationship with his mother, finally understanding her grief and pain. He also reaches out to Nargis, apologizing for his neglect and expressing his love for her. Through these reconciliations, Farhan begins to heal and find a sense of peace.

Finding Strength

Farhan finishes building the funeral bier, no longer out of obligation but out of love and respect for his grandmother.  This act symbolizes his acceptance of loss and his newfound strength. He is no longer the same lost and angry young man he was at the beginning of the film.

A Touching Exploration of Human Emotion  

'Gahvara' is a beautifully shot and emotionally resonant film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. It is a powerful exploration of loss, family, and the human capacity for resilience. Himansh Kohli delivers a career-defining performance as Farhan, capturing the character's complex emotions with raw honesty.

Don't Miss It!

'Gahvara' will be screened at the 29th Kolkata International Film Festival on December 8 and 12. This is a rare opportunity to see a moving and thought-provoking film on the big screen. Don't miss it!

More About the Film  

'Gahvara' is directed by Tariq Mohammad and produced by Neeru Kohli. The film stars Himansh Kohli, Sayani Gupta, and Masood Akhtar. It is an official selection of the 29th Kolkata International Film Festival.

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