Height Difference? No Problem! This Malayalam Rom-Com Will Melt Your Heart!

Little Miss Rawther: A story of Love Beyond Height

"Little Miss Rawther" is a heartwarming Malayalam film that celebrates love in all its forms, defying societal expectations and embracing the beauty of unconventional pairings.

Gouri G Kishan Charms as Nina Rawther

Gouri G Kishan shines as Nina Rawther, a progressive and practical woman who finds herself swept off her feet by an aspiring filmmaker. 

Shersha Sherief: The Tall and Talented Hero

Shersha Sherief takes on the role of the male lead, a charming and ambitious filmmaker who captures Nina's heart.

A Love Story with a Musical Touch

Get ready to be swept away by the soulful melodies composed by Govind Vasantha, perfectly complementing the film's emotional beats and adding a touch of magic to Nina and her love interest's journey.

Comedy and Drama Entwined

"Little Miss Rawther" is a delightful blend of heartwarming romance and laugh-out-loud humor. The film masterfully navigates between tender moments and side-splitting situations, ensuring that viewers are entertained throughout the ride.

Urban Backdrop Sets the Stage

The film's urban setting provides a dynamic and relatable backdrop for the couple's story. The bustling streets and modern cafes reflect the contemporary realities of love and relationships, making the narrative feel grounded and familiar.

Supporting Cast Adds Depth

The film boasts a talented supporting cast, including Jishnu Sreekumar, Sangeeth Prathap, and Manoj KU, who bring their own distinct personalities and humor to the narrative.

A Celebration of Unconventional Love

"Little Miss Rawther" is more than just a romantic comedy; it's a celebration of love in all its diverse forms. The film challenges societal norms and reminds us that true love knows no bounds, regardless of height, background, or any other superficial difference.

Critics and Audiences Applaud

"Little Miss Rawther" has garnered widespread praise from critics and audiences alike. Its heartwarming story, relatable characters, and captivating music have resonated with viewers, making it a critical and commercial success.

Experience the Magic of "Little Miss Rawther"

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of "Little Miss Rawther"! This heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and defying expectations is sure to leave you with a smile and a renewed belief in the power of love.

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