Hanuman Trailer Review : Myth Smashing Trailer Explodes with CGI & Action

Hanuman Trailer Review

Witness the legendary Hanuman rise again in Prashanth Varma's ambitious superhero film, blending mythology with action-packed spectacle.

Enter the "Varmaverse

Prepare to be transported to a world unlike any other, where ancient myths collide with modern storytelling in Varma's grand cinematic vision.

Teja Sajja Takes Flight

Watch promising newcomer Teja Sajja transform into the valiant Hanumanthu, a man destined for greatness, in this origin story unlike any other.

Myths Merging, Action Unfolding

Get ready for a thrilling blend of superhero tropes and classic Indian mythology, where familiar elements take on exciting new dimensions.

Power of Hanuman: From Man to Myth

Witness Hanumanthu's extraordinary journey of self-discovery as he unlocks the divine power within, transforming from an ordinary man into a legendary hero.

Facing the Forces of Evil

Brace yourself for the arrival of a formidable villain, seeking to exploit Hanumanthu's power for their own nefarious purposes.

Hanuman Takes the World by Storm

Experience the epic tale of Hanuman transcend borders and languages as the film releases not only in India but also across the globe, captivating audiences worldwide.

Beyond Brawn, Beyond Power

Discover the heartwarming bond between Hanumanthu and his sister, adding a layer of vulnerability and emotional depth to the superhero narrative.

The Original Rises

Prepare for the awe-inspiring moment when the legendary Hanuman himself awakens, lending his mythical power to the fight against evil.

Hanuman Soars on January 12th

Don't miss the epic cinematic experience of Hanuman as it hits theaters on January 12th. Be prepared to witness the rise of a new superhero legend!

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