Four More Shots Please Season 3 Review: Rollercoaster Rides and Surprising Twists!

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Review

Dive into the highs and lows of Four More Shots Please Season 3. From beach revelations to unexpected twists, this season takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Promising Beginnings

The season kicks off strong with the gang's trip to Umang's Punjab village. Awkward silences, explosive family dinners, and crisp writing set the stage for what could have been a stellar season.

Bani's Stellar Performance

Bani as Umang shines as she battles for acceptance from her disapproving father. The raw emotions and frustration feel authentic, making her performance a standout.

Character Arcs and Challenges

Each character faces their own set of challenges. Siddhi deals with the worst possible loss, Anjana's selfish escapades continue, and Damini struggles with intimacy despite being with Jeh.

Jim Sarbh's Untapped Potential

A disappointing turn for Jim Sarbh, a gem in the OTT space, as he takes on a role that doesn't do justice to his acting prowess. A missed opportunity for a promising character.

The Downfall Begins

Despite promising elements, the downfall begins around episode 8. Questionable decisions, out-of-character actions, and cliched love proclamations start to overshadow the initial maturity.

Thirst Traps and Steaminess

The series takes an unexpected turn with unnecessary steamy scenes, including a surprising change in Umang's relationship dynamics. The thirst traps and sudden shifts disappointingly divert from the plot.

Gaslighting and Horniness

Gaslighting becomes an oddly 'credible' argument, and the narrative succumbs to horniness. Closure, which felt forced, suddenly emerges out of the blue.

Disappointing Nostalgia

Despite hoping for change, the series ends up reminiscent of its cringe-inducing past. A sense of disappointment lingers as promising elements are carelessly discarded.

Final Verdict

Conclude the journey with a reminder to savor the initial promising moments, particularly the 'beach at night' scene, and consider logging off before the disappointment sets in too deep.

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