Fashioverse Game Trailer Review : Slay the Runway in Your PJs?

Fashioverse Game Trailer Review

Hilfiger Ventures, in collaboration with Tilting Point and Brandible, has launched FashionVerse, a mobile game that lets you level up your fashion game in a digital world. Download it now on iOS, Android, or Netflix!

Tommy Hilfiger's Brainchild

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger himself sparked the idea for FashionVerse. It's a game that lets you level up your fashion game with a digital twist, using Brandible's top-tier game engine and AI to create photorealistic avatars and settings.

Create and Lead in Style

FashionVerse isn't just about playing; it's about creating and leading in style. In Stylist mode, you design fashion sets, while Trendsetter mode has you crafting mood boards. You can share, vote, and comment on styles

Fashion Meets Virtual World

FashionVerse will roll out virtual "Pop-Ups," collaborating with big names in fashion and entertainment. These are interactive style challenges featuring real-world fashion brand themes and exclusive rewards.

Tilting Point's Magic Touch

Tilting Point, a big name in the gaming world, adds FashionVerse to its impressive roster. They're reshaping how brands meet fans in the digital realm. This move is a strategic play to amplify the game's global reach and financial success.

FashionVerse on Netflix

FashionVerse is now available on major mobile platforms and Netflix. It's time to step into the fashion future. Ready to design, play, and slay in the world of FashionVerse?

Game for Everyone

FashionVerse is for everyone who loves fashion and gaming. With its inclusive model representation and diverse challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Show Off Your Style

In FashionVerse, you can compete in challenges and show off your unique style to the world. Win prizes and unlock new items to become the ultimate fashionista.

FashionVerse Community

FashionVerse is more than just a game; it's a community. Connect with other players, share your styles, and get inspired by the latest trends.

Download FashionVerse Today!

Download FashionVerse now on iOS, Android, or Netflix and start your fashion journey today!

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