Extra Ordinary Man Review Nithiin  CEO in Hilarious Action Rom-Com!

Extra Ordinary Man Review

Get ready for a wild ride with Abhi, a passionate actor who becomes an "extra" with extraordinary talent. Join Nithiin in this action-comedy as he navigates love, life, and a chance encounter that throws him into the spotlight.

Abhi's Journey to Acting

From childhood, Abhi harbored a love for transforming into different characters. His mother recognizes his talent and encourages him to pursue his dream, paving the way for his entry into the world of acting.

Ups and Downs of Being an Extra:

Despite his talent, Abhi navigates the struggles of being an "extra," constantly relegated to the background. He faces disappointment but retains his passion, finding joy in the art of acting itself.

Love Blossoms for Abhi

A chance encounter with Likitha, a charming and successful MD, changes Abhi's life. Their love story adds a heartwarming touch to the narrative, providing him with support and motivation.

Abhi Takes Center Stage

Fate takes another turn when Abhi meets a conniving director who offers him a role as a CEO. This sudden twist propels him into a world of fame and fortune, blurring the lines between reality and his newfound persona.

Villain with Grand Designs

The arrival of the evil and self-absorbed Nero throws Abhi's life into chaos. Nero's ambitious plans and dark intentions challenge Abhi's newfound success and test his ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Abhi's Family Support System

Throughout his journey, Abhi finds solace and laughter in his loving family. Rao Ramesh and Rohini, as his parents, provide comic relief and emotional support, reminding him of his roots and true values.

Rajashekhar Brings Back the Nostalgia

Actor Rajashekhar's portrayal of IG Vijay adds a touch of nostalgia to the film. His presence evokes memories of his past roles and lends gravitas to the narrative.

Film's Technical Shortcomings

Despite its entertaining moments, Extra Ordinary Man faces some technical issues like choppy editing and underwhelming music. These shortcomings, while minor, could have been improved for a more polished experience.

Verdict on Extra Ordinary Man

Extra Ordinary Man offers a rollercoaster ride of laughs, action, and drama. While Nithiin shines in his performance, the film's second half suffers from over-the-top elements and technical glitches.

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