Ed Sheeran vs Lewis Capaldi: The Boxing Match That Could Happen?

Ed Sheeran Challenges Lewis Capaldi to a Boxing Match

Ed Sheeran has called out Lewis Capaldi to a boxing match. The two singers are friends, but Sheeran is eager to step into the ring with Capaldi.

Sheeran is a Keen Boxing Fan

Ed Sheeran is a keen boxing fan and has attended numerous matches. He is also friends with several boxers, including Katie Taylor.

Sheeran Called Out Capaldi After Taylor's Win

Ed Sheeran called out Lewis Capaldi after Taylor's win over Chantelle Cameron on Saturday night. Sheeran was sitting ringside for the fight.

Sheeran Said He Would "Fing Have" Capaldi*  

Ed Sheeran said he would "f***ing have" Lewis Capaldi in the boxing ring. He also added a few expletives for emphasis.

Fans Reacted to Sheeran's Call Out

Fans of both Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi reacted to Sheeran's call out on social media. Some fans were excited about the prospect of a fight, while others were concerned about Sheeran's language.

Capaldi Has Not Publicly Responded

Lewis Capaldi has not publicly responded to Ed Sheeran's call out. He has been taking a step back from performing recently due to his Tourette's syndrome.

Sheeran Has Boxing in His Blood

Ed Sheeran's grandfather was a boxer, so he may have some boxing talent in his blood.

Sheeran May Have Been Asking for Tips  

It is possible that Ed Sheeran was asking Lewis Capaldi for tips on boxing when he called him out. Capaldi has been training in boxing for several years.

Capaldi's Friends Have Rallied Around Him

Lewis Capaldi's friends have rallied around him after Ed Sheeran's call out. They have praised him for his strength and courage in dealing with his Tourette's syndrome.

Will the Fight Happen?  

Only time will tell if Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi will actually fight each other in the boxing ring.

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