Dry Day Review : Funny Politics in 'Dry Day' with Jitendra Kumar

Get Ready for 'Dry Day'

Exciting times ahead! Join Jitendra Kumar on a hilarious journey of politics and laughter in the upcoming film. Let's explore!

What's 'Dry Day' About?

Follow Jitendra Kumar's dreams of becoming a leader in a world where alcohol is prohibited. Get ready for a unique mix of humor and politics!

Party Leader's Decision

Party leaders drop a bomb – Jitendra Kumar can't be a leader for 5 years! Dive into the political drama that shapes 'Dry Day.'

Meet 'Dry Day' Party

Jitendra Kumar's response? Forming the 'Dry Day' party! Discover the unexpected turn in the political tale – it's time for something new.

Irony Strikes!

The twist? 'Dry Day' fights against alcohol, led by a character who secretly loves a drink. The irony unfolds in this political comedy.

Laughs Galore!

'Dry Day' promises belly laughs! The trailer reveals hilarious moments, making this low-budget gem a must-watch for comedy lovers.

Behind the Scenes Fun

Peek behind the curtain! Yami Entertainment brings you the magic of 'Dry Day' with director Saurabh Shukla. Uncover the filmmaking journey!

Meet the Stars

Jitendra Kumar and Shriya Pilga shine in 'Dry Day.' Get ready for a stellar performance from this dynamic duo in a comedy filled with heart.

Save the Date!

Circle December 22, 2023, on your calendar! 'Dry Day' premieres on Amazon Prime Video. Don't miss the laughter and excitement!

Share Your Thoughts

After watching 'Dry Day' on Amazon Prime, share your thoughts! Did it meet expectations? Leave reviews and comments. Your opinion matters!

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