Beverly Hills Cop 4 Trailer Review : Axel Foley is BACK Cops, Chaos, & Banana Splits in Beverly Hills

Eddie Murphy Reprises Axel Foley

Get ready for some banana peels and infectious laughter because Axel Foley is back on the case! After nearly 30 years, Eddie Murphy reunites with his legendary role in the long-awaited Beverly Hills Cop 4, coming to Netflix in summer 2024.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Heads to Netflix

The original "Beverly Hills Cop" launched Eddie Murphy to superstardom and spawned two sequels. Now, the franchise takes a modern turn as Netflix takes the reins for the fourth film.

The Beverly Hills Cop 4 Cast

It's a reunion party! Original cast members Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser, and Bronson Pinchot join Eddie Murphy for another round of laughs.

Axel Foley's Daughter Takes Center Stage

This time, it's personal. Axel Foley's own daughter, played by Taylour Paige, is a criminal defense attorney who gets pulled into the action.

Axel's Signature Blend

Get ready for non-stop laughs and edge-of-your-seat thrills! Beverly Hills Cop 4 promises to deliver the classic Axel Foley formula: witty banter, outrageous disguises, and action-packed shootouts, all infused with the comedic genius that made Eddie Murphy a legend.

Axel Foley to a New Audience

The film's blend of action, comedy, and timeless characters has the potential to win over fresh hearts and introduce a whole new group of viewers to the magic of Axel Foley.

From Script to Screen

Explore the challenges and triumphs of reviving a beloved franchise, and get a glimpse of the chemistry between the cast and crew that makes this film so special.

The Lasting Legacy of Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is more than just a comedy franchise; it's a cultural phenomenon. The original film broke barriers, redefined the cop genre, and cemented Eddie Murphy's place as a comedic icon.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Premieres Summer 2024!

The wait is almost over! Beverly Hills Cop 4 arrives on Netflix in summer 2024, promising to transport you back to sunny California with its infectious humor, high-octane action, and a touch of nostalgia.

What's Next for Axel Foley?

Beverly Hills Cop 4 might just be the beginning of a new era for the franchise. With its fresh cast additions, updated story, and potential for critical and commercial success, the film could pave the way for even more Axel Foley adventures.

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