Anurag's Bigg Boss 17 Exit:  'Bro-Sena' Drama

Anurag's Emotional Decision

In a shocking turn of events, Anurag Dobhal expresses his desire to voluntarily exit Bigg Boss 17, citing frustration over the discussion of his 'Bro-Sena' community. The episode takes a dramatic turn as emotions run high.

Confession Room Conversation

Bigg Boss calls Anurag to the confession room, questioning his intentions. Anurag reveals the mental toll the situation has taken on him. The confrontation sets the stage for a gripping episode.

Anurag's Distress

Anurag Dobhal shares with housemates about his decision to leave, highlighting his distress. The housemates attempt to convince him to stay, but Anurag remains adamant.

Vicky's Suggestion

Vicky suggests Anurag seek help and consult a psychiatrist. Anurag reveals how the discussion around his 'Bro-Sena' community has affected him deeply.

Bigg Boss Questions Anurag

Bigg Boss questions Anurag about his reasons for seeking a psychiatrist. Anurag expresses frustration, emphasizing that the discussion about his community is impacting him mentally.

Reality Check from Bigg Boss

After a heated argument, Bigg Boss gives Anurag a reality check about his fanbase and personal life. Examples of previous contestants' personal lives being discussed are presented.

Anurag's Request to Salman Khan

Anurag expresses his desire to speak to Salman Khan, requesting that discussions about his 'Bro-Sena' be directed to him personally rather than in the house.

Feedback on Anurag Dobhal

Anurag insists on being recognized for himself, separate from his 'Bro-Sena.' He emphasizes that his existence is due to his hard work and not just his fanbase.

Anurag's Decision to Exit

Anurag agrees to leave voluntarily, citing an inability to cope with the situation. Bigg Boss reminds him of the consequences, and Anurag contemplates his decision.

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