All India Rank Trailer Review

All India Rank Trailer Review

The trailer for "All India Rank," directed by Varun Grover and presented by Sriram Raghavan, is here. Buckle up for a journey filled with dreams, pressure, and resilience in the pursuit of an IIT seat

90s - A Dream Takes Flight

Transport yourself back to the 1990s India, where the pressure to get into an IIT was immense. Meet Gaurav, a 17-year-old from Lucknow, whose life revolves around cracking the infamous entrance exam.

Expectations - Navigating Tightrope

The weight of family expectations hangs heavy on Gaurav's shoulders. His parents see the IIT as the ticket to a secure future, and their unwavering belief adds to his burden.

Human Cost of Ambition

"All India Rank" goes beyond just academics. It explores the emotional toll of relentless ambition. Witness the toll the pressure takes on Gaurav and his friends

Dreams vs Reality

As Gaurav grapples with the relentless pressure, a question emerges: Is the IIT dream truly his own, or is it driven by external forces? Feel the internal conflict as he battles self-doubt

The Power of Friendship

Gaurav finds solace in his friends. Their shared struggles and camaraderie become a source of strength and motivation.

More Than Just a Rank

Gaurav explores his interests and discovers passions beyond academics, he slowly starts to find his own definition of success. Witness his journey of self-discovery and understand that there's more to life than just a rank.

Tears, Triumph, & Transformation

Will Gaurav achieve his dream rank? The journey is filled with tears, triumphs, and unexpected turns. Experience the emotional rollercoaster as Gaurav navigates the challenges and emerges transformed.

Reflection on Society

"All India Rank" is not just a film about cracking an exam; it's a mirror reflecting societal pressures and aspirations. Ponder the questions it raises about education systems, parental expectations

All India Rank - In Theaters February 23rd

Don't miss this poignant and thought-provoking film! "All India Rank" hits theaters on February 23rd. Book your tickets and prepare to be moved by this relatable story of dreams, pressure, and finding your own path.

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