Akshara Singh Records and Releases Song in One Day

Akshara Singh sets a record with 'Chhathi Maiya '

Bhojpuri singer Akshara Singh has set a unique record by recording and releasing the video of her Chhath Geet 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' in the same day. The song is dedicated to Chhathi Maiya, the goddess of the Sun, and is being praised for its heartfelt rendition.

Chhath Puja: A four-day festival 

Chhath Puja is a four-day Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun God. The festival is celebrated by millions of people around the world, particularly in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand.

Akshara Singh's busy schedule

Akshara Singh is a popular Bhojpuri singer and actress. She has a busy schedule, which prevented her from preparing the video for 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' in advance.

recorded the song in a single day

Despite her busy schedule, Akshara Singh was determined to release the song in time for Chhath Puja. She recorded the song in a single day and made a video of the recording.

song is something new & different

Akshara Singh says that 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' is something new and different from the Chhath songs she has sung in the past. She hopes that her fans and followers will give the song a lot of love and blessings.

glory of Chhathi Mai

The song 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' has an unprecedented rendition of the glory of Chhathi Mai. The song is sure to make everyone's Chhath Puja memorable.

Manoj Yadav & Prajakta Shukre

The song 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' was written by Manoj Yadav and composed by Prajakta Shukre. Both Manoj and Prajakta are well-known Bhojpuri artists.

Akshara Singh  devotion of Chhathi Maiya

Akshara Singh is completely immersed in the devotion of Chhathi Maiya in the music video for 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular'.

Akshara  asks her fans to keep world happy

Akshara Singh has requested Chhathi Maiya to keep the people around the world happy with this album.

Akshara Singh's unique record

Akshara Singh's unique record of recording and releasing the video of 'Chhathi Maiya Kariha Dular' in the same day is a testament to her dedication to her fans and her faith. The song is a beautiful tribute to Chhathi Maiya and is sure to be popular among her fans.

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