Actress Manisha Yadav Exposes Shocking Harassment by Director Seenu Ramasamy

Manisha Yadav Speaks Out About Director Seenu Ramasamy

Actress Manisha Yadav has spoken out about her experience working with director Seenu Ramasamy on the film 'Idham Abhata Eval'. She alleges that she was harassed and mistreated by Ramasamy, and that he ultimately fired her from the film.

Manisha Yadav's Allegations  

Manisha Yadav says that Ramasamy subjected her to verbal abuse and made her feel uncomfortable on set. She also says that he made her feel like she was not good enough for the role.

Ramasamy's Response

Ramasamy has denied Yadav's allegations. He says that he is a professional director and that he would never treat an actress in the way that Yadav has described.

The Impact on Yadav's Career  

Yadav says that the experience of working with Ramasamy has had a negative impact on her career. She says that she has had difficulty finding work since she was fired from the film.

The Industry's Response

The film industry has been divided in its response to Yadav's allegations. Some people have spoken out in support of Yadav, while others have defended Ramasamy.

The Importance of Speaking Out  

Yadav says that it is important for women to speak out about their experiences of harassment and abuse. She says that speaking out can help to prevent other women from going through the same experiences.

The Need for Change

Yadav says that there needs to be a change in the film industry so that women feel safe and respected. She says that there needs to be more awareness of harassment and abuse, and that there needs to be better systems in place to protect women.

The Future of the Industry  

Yadav says that she is hopeful for the future of the film industry. She says that she believes that more women are speaking out about their experiences, and that this will lead to change.

A Call to Action

Yadav calls on everyone to stand up against harassment and abuse. She says that we all have a role to play in creating a safer and more respectful industry.

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