Actor Babloo Splits From Girlfriend: See Deleted Pics & Cryptic Like!

Did Actor Babloo Prithviraj Break Up with His Girlfriend?

Actor Babloo Prithviraj has been in the news recently for his alleged breakup with his girlfriend, Sheetal.

Babloo's Acting Career

Babloo is a successful actor who has worked in both movies and television. He is best known for his work in character roles.

Babloo's Marriage and Son

Babloo was previously married and has a son. However, he has been living apart from his wife and son for some time now.

Babloo's Controversial Interview

A few days ago, Babloo made headlines for his controversial answer to a question about women.

Babloo and Sheetal's Relationship

Babloo and Sheetal were dating for a few months before their alleged breakup. They were often seen together and posted photos and videos of themselves on social media.

Sheetal Deletes Photos of Babloo

Recently, Sheetal deleted all the photos of Babloo from her social media accounts. This sparked rumors that they had broken up.

Sheetal Likes Comment About Breakup

Further confirming the rumors, Sheetal liked a comment on her social media page asking if she and Babloo had broken up.

Sheetal's Absence from Babloo's Birthday

Another piece of evidence suggesting the breakup is Sheetal's absence from Babloo's recent birthday celebration.

Fans React to the Breakup

Fans have been reacting to the news of Babloo and Sheetal's breakup with mixed emotions. Some are sad to see them go, while others believe it is for the best.

The Reason for the Breakup

The reason for Babloo and Sheetal's breakup is unknown. However, there are many speculations circulating online.

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