Seven Years Later, Mikesh and Tanya Return, But Is the Magic Still There?

Remember Mikesh and Tanya, that cute couple from Permanent Roommates who bumbled through life and love together? After a whopping seven years, they’re back! But things have changed. The world has moved on, attention spans are shorter, and even their own lives have taken new twists. This isn’t your typical second season; it’s a whole new chapter.

This time, forget wedding woes. Mikesh and Tanya have new dreams – settling abroad for a brighter future. But guess what? They don’t exactly see eye to eye. Tanya, the ambitious go-getter, is ready to pack her bags, while Mikesh, still reeling from his father’s passing, isn’t so sure. Their clashing desires lead to both hilarious situations and heartwarming moments as they navigate both their relationship and individual goals.

But hold on, the spotlight isn’t just on the couple this time. Sheeba Chaddha steals the show as Lata, Mikesh’s mother. Her story is a poignant one, filled with grief, newfound freedom, and rediscovering herself after her husband’s death. Lata’s journey adds a deeper layer to the season, reminding us that life is about more than just romantic entanglements.

And speaking of beyond the couple, this season takes a refreshing turn by focusing on Tanya’s career aspirations. We see her grapple with ambition, tough choices, and the ever-present struggle of balancing a demanding career with personal life. Her story resonates with many viewers who face similar challenges, making the show feel even more relatable.

But wait, there’s more! Mikesh and Tanya are nearing middle age, but their spirit of embracing change and new beginnings is contagious. Their journey shows that it’s never too late to recalibrate, take risks, and chase your dreams, no matter your age.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. While the return of Mikesh and Tanya is heartwarming, the writing doesn’t quite sparkle like it used to. The magic from previous seasons seems to have dimmed a bit, leaving some viewers feeling underwhelmed. And let’s face it, Mikesh’s friends, Lleo and Purushottam, try (and sometimes fail) to be funny, but often end up being more annoying than amusing.

Speaking of production, don’t expect a flashy upgrade just because the show moved to Prime Video. The apartment and overall aesthetic remain stuck in time, which might feel a bit underwhelming for a streaming platform show.

So, all things considered, should you watch Permanent Roommates Season 3? Well, it depends. If you’re a die-hard fan and love seeing Mikesh and Tanya, you might find some enjoyment in their familiar dynamic and the new themes explored. But if you’re expecting a polished, hilarious, and emotionally deep season, you might be disappointed.

Ultimately, this season is a bittersweet reunion. It’s heartwarming to see Mikesh and Tanya back, but it also leaves you wishing for more. It’s like catching up with old friends who have changed, their lives taking unexpected turns. Is it perfect? No. But it’s a reminder that life, like love, is a journey full of ups, downs, and unexpected twists. And sometimes, even the most cherished chapters don’t quite live up to the nostalgia we build around them.

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