Fetch! A Comprehensive Review of the Mean Girls 2024 Trailer

Jingle Bell, Rock! It’s almost time to revisit North Shore High, because the Plastics are back in town! After 20 years, Tina Fey’s iconic teen comedy “Mean Girls” is getting a musical remake, and the first trailer has dropped, leaving fans buzzing with excitement (and a little plastic fear).

So, did the trailer fetch our hearts, or did it leave us saying, “On Wednesdays we wear sweatpants”? Let’s dive in and dissect the drama, the dancing, and everything in between.

6-Janis Ian and Damian

Burn Book Blitzkrieg: Iconic Scenes Return

Right off the bat, the trailer throws us back to familiar territory. We see Cady Heron, played by the charming Angourie Rice, navigating the treacherous halls of high school, desperate to fit in.

Mean Queen Regina George, embodied with icy perfection by Renêe Rapp (reprising her role from the Broadway musical), reigns supreme with her posse of loyal (and slightly clueless) Plastics, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith (hilariously portrayed by Avantika and Bebe Wood).

1-mean girls 2024

The trailer doesn’t skimp on the nostalgia, serving up iconic moments like the “On Wednesdays we wear pink” decree, the infamous burn book, and that unforgettable Jingle Bell Rock dance routine. But it’s not just a carbon copy. Expect fresh twists and surprises, like a new song called “Sexy Junta” that hints at an even more outrageous Plastic reign.

Sing it, Plastics! Catchy Tunes and Show-Stopping Numbers

2-mean girls 2024 Renêe Rapp

One of the biggest changes in this remake is the addition of music. And let’s face it, with lines like “You can’t sit with us,” practically begging to be sung, it was practically inevitable. The trailer gives us a taste of the new musical numbers, and they’re everything we hoped for: bright, catchy, and dripping with plastic sass.

From the opening “World Burn” to a hilarious cafeteria take on “Stupid Cupid,” the music promises to be an infectious earworm explosion.

Fetching Fashion and Fierce Faces: A Visual Feast

The Mean Girls world is all about aesthetics, and the 2024 remake doesn’t disappoint. The trailer is a visual feast, bursting with pink, sequins, and perfectly coiffed hair. The costumes are a modern take on the classic Plastics look, adding a touch of Gen Z flair while still capturing the essence of early 2000s teen fashion.

And let’s not forget the expressions. From Regina’s icy glare to Janis’ punk rock smirk, the actors nail the signature Mean Girls facial expressions that made the original film so iconic.

More Than Just a Remake: A New Take on a Classic

4-mean girls 2024 Regina George

While the trailer delivers all the nostalgia feels, it also hints at something deeper. We see glimpses of Cady grappling with identity and belonging, as well as Janis and Damian’s outsider status. The film seems to be more than just a lighthearted musical romp; it promises to explore themes of female friendships, societal pressures, and the courage to be yourself.

The verdict So, Did It Fetch?

The verdict? We’re definitely fetching with excitement! The Mean Girls 2024 trailer is a perfect blend of nostalgia and fresh takes, promising an infectious musical experience with all the drama and humor that made the original a cult classic.

While some die-hard fans might miss Rachel McAdams as Regina, Renêe Rapp delivers a chillingly accurate portrayal, and the rest of the cast shines just as brightly. Mark your calendars for January 12th, 2024, because this is one fetch you won’t want to miss.

In the meantime, let’s discuss! What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for the Mean Girls musical remake? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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