In the vibrant realm of Indian web series, “Four More Shots Please” has carved its niche, known for its portrayal of friendship, love, and the complexities of modern women’s lives. Season 3 promised a new trajectory, showcasing a more mature narrative, but did it live up to the expectations? Let’s dissect the season and explore the highs and lows in this detailed review.


As the curtain rises on Season 3, the gang of four – Anjana, Damini, Siddhi, and Umang – find themselves in unfamiliar territories, both physically and emotionally. The initial episodes hold a promise of a more nuanced storytelling, with the gang’s trip to Umang’s Punjab village setting the stage for what seemed like a refreshing change.

A Strong Start in Punjab

The opening episode emerges as the season’s highlight, as the gang navigates the complexities of Umang’s familial relationships in Punjab. Bani’s stellar performance as Umang shines through, portraying the struggles of acceptance from her disapproving father. The awkward silences, explosive family dinners, and crisp writing create a compelling narrative that resonates.

2-Four More Shots Please Season 3 gang in Punjab

Character Arcs and Challenges

10-Four More Shots Please Season 3 Final Verdict

However, as the season progresses, each character’s journey takes unexpected turns. Siddhi grapples with the worst possible loss, while Anjana’s selfish escapades continue, diving into another affair with a married man. Damini, despite being with Jeh, faces challenges in intimacy, adding layers to her character.

Jim Sarbh’s Untapped Potential

A notable disappointment surfaces in the underutilization of Jim Sarbh, a powerhouse in the OTT space. His character, a Manic Pixie Dream Boy entering Umang’s life, seemed promising but was sacrificed for unnecessary steaminess. A missed opportunity that leaves viewers craving more depth.

5-Four More Shots Please Season 3 Jim Sarbh in a still from the series

The Downfall and Questionable Decisions

Around the eighth episode, the season takes an unexpected turn. Questionable decisions, out-of-character actions, and cliched love proclamations overshadow the initial maturity. The downfall begins, leaving viewers yearning for the promising narrative they were initially led to believe.

Thirst Traps and Unnecessary Steaminess

7-Four More Shots Please Season 3 bani as Umang's relationship dynamics

One of the most significant deviations from the original essence of the series is the introduction of unnecessary steamy scenes. Umang’s relationship dynamics take an unexpected turn, veering away from the original plot. The inclusion of these scenes appears forced and disappointingly detracts from the series’ authenticity.

Gaslighting and Horniness Take Over

Gaslighting becomes a strangely ‘credible’ argument, and the narrative succumbs to horniness. Closure, initially feeling forced, emerges abruptly, leaving a sense of disorientation. The series takes an unexpected route, making viewers question the shift in tone and storytelling choices.

A Disappointing Nostalgia

Despite the initial promise of change, Season 3 concludes with a disappointing sense of nostalgia. The series, reminiscent of its cringe-inducing past, leaves viewers grappling with a feeling of missed opportunities and carelessly discarded promising elements.

Final Verdict: Savor the Good, Log Off Early

As we conclude this rollercoaster journey through “Four More Shots Please” Season 3, the advice is to savor the initial promising moments, particularly the ‘beach at night’ scene. Considering logging off early might be a prudent choice to preserve the positive impressions and avoid the deep disappointment that follows.


“Four More Shots Please” Season 3 embarked on a promising journey but lost its way in the labyrinth of questionable decisions and unexpected narrative shifts. While certain elements stood out, the series seems to have fallen into the trap of its own making, leaving viewers with mixed feelings.

As we await future seasons, it remains to be seen whether the show can reclaim its initial brilliance or if it will continue down this unpredictable path.

Four more shots please season 3

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