Toby is a Kannada film directed and written by Raj B Shetty. The film stars Shetty in the lead role as Toby, a man who is both feared and loved by the villagers in his small coastal Karnataka village. The film follows Toby as he tries to protect his loved ones from the village chief, Ananda, who has been meddling in his life.

Toby Movie Review : Plot

Toby is an innocent man who is often used as a murderer-for-hire by the village chief Ananda. When Ananda meddles with Toby’s prized possession, Jenny, the beast in him awakens.

A new police inspector arrives in the village and begins to investigate Toby. It is revealed that Toby is an abandoned child who lost his voice during an incident in his childhood. Toby finds solace in a small world with people who understand him, but his world is turned upside down when Ananda interferes.

Toby Movie Review : Performances

Raj B Shetty delivers a powerful performance as Toby, both in his silent moments and in his outbursts of rage. Chaitra J Achar is also excellent as Jenny, Toby’s adopted daughter. The supporting cast, including Yogi Banekshwar, Gopalkrishna Deshapande, and Samyuktha Hornad, all give strong performances.

Toby Movie Review: Technical aspects

The film’s cinematography is beautiful, capturing both the beauty of the nature and the brutality of Toby’s world. The music is also well-done, with two songs that seamlessly blend into the film.

Toby Movie Review : Overall

Toby is a good film with strong performances and technical aspects. However, the film’s slow pace and predictable plot may leave some viewers wanting more.

In addition to the above, here are some other interesting points about the film:

  • Toby is the second film in Raj B Shetty’s “Raj-verse”, which also includes the film Garuda Gamana. There is a small Easter egg for fans of Garuda Gamana in Toby.

  • The film was shot in the Udupi district of Karnataka.

  • Toby was a critical and commercial success, winning several awards at film festivals.
Toby Official Trailer 

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