Dance+ Pro Fans Zone! Win ₹1 Lakh, Meet Stars & Rule the Show!

Your Dance+ Pro Fans Zone!

Calling all Dance+ Pro fanatics! Gear up for a chance to get closer to your favorite show and win incredible prizes with Disney+ Hotstar’s brand new Fan Zone initiative! This exciting platform is all about celebrating your love for Dance+ Pro, the dance reality show that’s taking the nation by storm.

Dance+ Pro Fans zone

So, what exactly is Fan Zone? It’s your golden ticket to become a part of the Dance+ Pro universe in a whole new way. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Weekly Quiz Extravaganza: Put your Dance+ Pro knowledge to the test! Every week, Disney+ Hotstar will throw out fun and engaging quizzes about the show, the contestants, and the judges. Ace the questions and you’ll be showered with exciting vouchers and rewards. Think movie tickets, shopping sprees, and maybe even a chance to grab that fancy gadget you’ve been eyeing!

2. The Ultimate Fan Leaderboard: Think you’re the biggest Dance+ Pro fan out there? Prove it! Earn points by participating in quizzes, sharing your love for the show on social media, and completing other fun challenges. Climb the Fan Leaderboard and be recognized as the true champion of Dance+ Pro fandom. Your name might even get featured on the show itself!

3. Grand Prize Bonanza: Not just weekly rewards, Fan Zone is all about making your Dance+ Pro dreams come true. The grand prize at the end of the season is a whopping Rs 1 lakh! Imagine the possibilities – a trip to your dream destination, a shopping spree for your entire wardrobe, or even a donation to your favorite charity in the name of Dance+ Pro. It’s your chance to shine!

4. Meet Your Dance+ Pro Heroes: Ever dreamt of meeting your favorite Dance+ Pro contestant? Fan Zone makes that dream a reality! 10 lucky winners will get a chance to have a virtual video call with their favorite contestant. Chat about their journey, ask them questions, and maybe even get some dance tips – the possibilities are endless!

5. More Than Just Prizes: Fan Zone isn’t just about winning. It’s about connecting with the Dance+ Pro community. Share your love for the show, discuss your favorite performances, and even participate in exciting online challenges. You’ll get to meet other passionate fans, make new friends, and create a space where your love for Dance+ Pro can flourish.

Remo D’Souza, the super judge of Dance+ Pro, is thrilled about Fan Zone. He says, “Without fans, there’s no fire. Their unconditional faith drives us to be the best.” He believes Fan Zone is a fantastic way for viewers to connect with the show and truly become a part of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Disney+ Hotstar and join the Fan Zone today! It’s your chance to show your Dance+ Pro passion, win amazing prizes, and be a part of the show’s exciting journey. Remember, the bigger the fan, the bigger the reward!

Here are some additional tips to make the most of Fan Zone:

  • Follow Disney+ Hotstar on social media for updates on Fan Zone challenges and quizzes.

  • Share your participation on social media with the hashtag #DanceProFanZone and tag @DisneyPlusHotstar for a chance to get featured.

  • Spread the word among your fellow Dance+ Pro fans and encourage them to join the fun.

  • Most importantly, have fun! Fan Zone is all about celebrating your love for Dance+ Pro and connecting with the community.

So, get ready to dance your way to victory! The Fan Zone awaits!

Fan Zone | Dance+ Pro

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